Pistol cartridge 380 ACP (9×17) for use in security forces authorized to use service weapons with bimetal case, bimetal jacket and FMJ bullet


Technical specification ТУ 7272-011-07512447-94
Use Cartridges are designed for use in security structures, authorized to use service weapons
Bullet type FMJ
Velocity V10 av. ≤ 275-300 m/sec.
Max powder gas pressure

Pmax.av. ≤ 1350 bar /  Pmax.max. ≤ 1553 bar

Accuracy R50 av.. at distance 25 m ≤ 6 cm)
Bullet weight 5,90-6,10 г (92 gr.)
Cartridge weight 8.80-9.60 gram
Jacket Bimetal
Case Bimetal
Quantity in a packing, pcs. (package | box) 35 | 1680